Are Baby Walkers Safe?

Baby walkers are small devices on wheels.  Babies can push them so they can learn how to walk.  They also help babies learn to stand on their own two feet.  Most of the time there are toys, colourful decorations, lights, or music on the walkers to keep the baby entertained. The average age that children use baby walkers is about four months or sixteen months of age but any young infant or child can use one.  The baby walkers have a framework structure with wheels and some have a hanging seat in the middle so the babies can walk without falling over.  The framing is made of metal with fabric covering it.  There are many benefits and risks as well when it comes to baby walkers.  It is essential to review what they might be and consider exactly what kind of baby walker you want to purchase for your child.


There are many different benefits of baby walker.  First of all, they can help children to learn to walk on their own.  They can also allow them to jump a little bit as well.  They give the infant the chance to walk around without having mom or dad holding on to them.  The wheels also give them the little extra push that they need to get moving.  Their legs can become strengthened from the use of baby walkers depending on how much they use the walker.


There are also a few risks when it comes to baby walkers.  They can sometimes cause injuries if the baby is near dangerous furniture, stairs, or other things.  To avoid any injuries, the parents just need to watch the baby to make sure that they are safe and secure in their baby walker.  As long as the parents are watching the infant, there shouldn’t be any injuries.  It can make their upper legs and hips weak if used too much though which is a negative side effect.  It is also important to not use the walker around stairs or any other dangerous aspects or potentially dangerous aspects of the home so that the baby can stay safe.


If you decide to purchase a baby walker for your family, it is important to make sure that it meets the standard of safety that it is required to meet.  The packaging, store, or website should fill you in on all the safety measures needed and how safe the actual product is.  The baby should not weight more than thirty to forty pounds but it really just depends on the brand of baby walker that you decide to purchase.  The baby should be around six months of age to a year old or just learning how to walk because the baby walkers are designed to assist with that.  They must be able to hold their head up and sit up without parents or other people helping them.  Otherwise, it may not be safe for them to use the baby walker and they could sustain an injury. Many of the baby walkers have toys, lights, or music and sounds to help keep the infant entertained.  The seats are removable and washable which is convenient.  Baby walkers usually cost about twenty to fifty dollars depending on what exactly you are looking for in one.  They can be used on carpet, linoleum, or hardwood floor.

Purchasing a Baby Walker

Also, purchasing a baby walker online can be very helpful and help to alleviate any stress that you have about buying one or picking out a specific baby walker.  Buying one online helps you to browse through hundreds of baby walkers without actually having to leave your home and go to a store.  When you have a newborn infant, it can sometimes be a hassle to go to the store so looking at baby walkers is a good option for those who don’t want to get out of the house.  Additionally, it can be easier to find baby walkers that fit into your allowed budget and coupon codes can also be used online.  Shipping also makes receiving the baby walker and bringing it into your house easier without going to the store to pick one out.  When buying a baby walker, it is crucial that it is bought brand new.  If it has been used before then there is more of a chance that it could be dangerous for the child or pose as a risk to them.  Make sure there is a safety sticker on the packaging of the product and if there is not then do not buy it because you can’t ensure that it is safe otherwise.  Also, it is important to read the directions after purchasing the baby walker to ensure that you child stays safe, happy, and healthy.  There are many different and popular brands to choose from such as Fisher-Price and other well-known children’s brands.

Baby walkers can greatly help babies learn to walk and many parents enjoy this tool as a mechanism to helping their newborns.  The baby walker can even be used as a form of entertainment for the baby because of the music, lights, and toys that are attached to it and can they be something for the infant to play with.  Although there are some risks that may happen, if the parents are watching the infant then the chance of injury is very slim.  As long as all safety precautions are met and the parents supervise appropriately, everything should work out fine safety and health wise.  Also, the legs and hips will not be made weak if the baby walker is used in moderation and not constantly.  They are fairly inexpensive which is a huge benefit for parents who don’t make a lot of money and need help teaching their child to walk around.  Baby walkers are a great tool to encourage babies to learn to walk on their own two feet and even provide entertainment for child which makes it fun and enjoyable as well.